Who am I and why should you listen to me?
Well, first of all – you shouldn’t. If you have the option, always do your own tests and experiments.
I discovered AdWords in 2012 and fell in love with the amount of possibilities and options I had as an advertiser. I worked in an agency and managed client’s budgets that went from $500/month to $10K/month, but I felt that I want to “scale up” my experience, so I quit and found a job as an in-house SEM (Search Engine Marketing)┬áSpecialist. There I really got to know all the awesome features AdWords can offer and knew that this is definitely my thing. I discovered the power of data and how to make decisions and develop strategies based on it.
Between optimizations I love hanging out with my friend (doesn’t everyone?), play my guitars and write about this amazing world called PPC Marketing.

Here in the blog I’m gonna write about PPC from the basic levels of setting up your first campaign, and also about advanced features and cool tricks you should try.

I really hope you’ll enjoy reading my articles, and please – don’t hesitate to ask me anything ­čÖé
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