4 Remarketing List Ideas that’ll Boost Your Conversion Rate

4 Remarketing Ideas


Remarketing is a great targeting method. It lets you Re-Target people who already were in your website (or LP). Some claim that since they’re already familiar with your brand they might convert easily. Others suggest that, given they already came across your landing page, you probably know what didn’t work with them and now have the chance to make them a better (or just different) offer. There are many theories for using remarketing, I chose to highlight 4 methods that best worked for me over the years. These are the ones that gave me the greatest results.

When promoting an E-Commerce site, target the people who already bought from you!

Why not sell more products to your existing clients?  You’ll find them to be one of the most profitable targeting groups that, too often, are being ignored.

The best way to convert the above mentioned group, is to use a different set of banners/ text ad and address these people directly. Phrases such as: “special offer for returning customers” can work wonders.

Tip: Target separately users that converted 2, 3 or more times, and don’t you dare forget to use their similar audiences!

Re-Targeting users who searched for your brand name.

If you’re not tagging your URL, now would be the perfect time to start doing so. Google’s latest change from destination to final URL lets you add a tracking template without posting your ad for re-approval using ad group, campaign or account tracking template. If you’re not familiar with that at all, you can read this article posted on the AdWords Help Center website or ask me in the comments.
Anyway, if you’ll use a URL containing the {keyword} parameter, you’ll be able to create remarketing lists that contains only users that visited a page which contains “keyword=YourBrandName” in the URL. Be sure to exclude users that already converted.

Target users that already converted (What?!)

Yep… If your conversion process is a bit long, or requires more than one contact with the user, help them to get to the second step (and third, fourth and so on…)

Let’s say you have a site where the users can sell their old stuff. The first step is to sign them up and the second might be when they post something for sale. Create a remarketing list that contains the users who signed up (group a) and another list for those who posted an item for sale (group b). Target the first list (a) and exclude the second one (b) to encourage them post the first item, and on a separate ad group or campaign, target group b, to help them post more items.

Same goes for services that offer free trial etc.…

Target users you got from AdWords on Facebook Ads or other PPC platforms.

It is known that every PPC platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Try using every network’s advantages in other places so you can really maximize your potential. For example: AdWords has a lot of search traffic, but to be honest, they’re not so good in cross device targeting. You know who does that really well? Facebook! Try retargeting users that clicked on your ads on Google Search from a PC with Facebook’s remarketing tag. That way you could target them on mobile. An easy way to do is to pass a parameter in AdWords’ URL that tells you which device the user used. It’ll look something like this: YourLP.com/Device={device}.
{device} will be replaced with “m” if the user came from mobile, “t” for tablet and “c” for Computer. All you need to do now is to create a separate list for users that came from one type of device (URL contains: “device=m” for example) and target them on other devices.
That’s it for this time. As usual, feel free to ask question and share your experience in the comments!

By Roy Danino

PPC Team Leader at a leading financial company, and author at PPCNinja Blog.

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